Building the Neato 205 Breakneck racing quad

This little quad was very pleasant to build and it flys very well!

The Neato 205 breakneck is as it say 205mm, but it has plenty of space within the skirts making it very easy to build.

This build log will show you how i choose to build mine. What you will notice is that i switch from one OSD to another, thats be cuss it was a hardware problem with the first OSD. Read on for more info about that…

The hardware

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Building the Swedish racing quad Scorpia Underdog from Lizard-RC

This built was grate fun to bild as its a Swedish frame and due to the fact that you bild it up side down.

The frame it self i very light weight and it also allow the air from the props to go freely between the arms, this is something that you can feel when you fly it. To fly this quad feels amazing as it is very responsive and the maneuverability is awesome! The best quad i ever flown!

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How to get the OSD woking on Diatone NAZE32(B) REV6 Plus 6DF & OSD Flight Controller

Many have purchased this flight controller on Banggood or else where but have issues Flashing and configuring the OSD as the description say that you can do this from the USB.

I got in contact with Diatone that where very fast to help me out.

This is the solution to Flash and configure the OSD on the Diatone NAZE32(B) REV6 Plus 6DF & OSD Flight Controller.

You need a USB Linker.  (
Second Connect the power to the OSD Power pads to give the OSD power.
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Building and pros/cons of the GEPRC GEP210, a very interesting FPV racer!


This time i have built another small 210mm quad. What makes this one interesting is that the center of gravity is very low due to the fact that all components are under the quad instead of on top together with battery and other stuff. But the frame has its problems to!

This time the build post is a bit shorter but with more images.

The configuration

Naze32 Rev6 10Dof
EMAX Cooling 2206 1900kv (will be interesting to see if i have to replace them with … Read More