Building and pros/cons of the GEPRC GEP210, a very interesting FPV racer!



This time i have built another small 210mm quad. What makes this one interesting is that the center of gravity is very low due to the fact that all components are under the quad instead of on top together with battery and other stuff. But the frame has its problems to!

This time the build post is a bit shorter but with more images.

The configuration

Naze32 Rev6 10Dof
EMAX Cooling 2206 1900kv (will be interesting to see if i have to replace them with … Read More

Building Lantian LT 210 quad frame, an FPV racer


Article updated…

Building this quad was with both happiness and frustration. By the time i was finished building this quad i had mounted and unmounted the stacking of the PDB, NAze32 and the OSD probably 30 times, i will let you know why.

Components used in this build

Lantian LT 210 frame
Naze32 10 dof Rev6
brOSD (That you can stack on the Naze32)
Matek 5 in 1 PDB (that you can stack)
TS5823S 40CH 5.8G 200MW AV Transmitter
Sony CCD 600TVL FPV Cam
Emax 2204 … Read More

GT-250 250mm Carbon fiber quadcopter, my next FPV build

To my next project i wanted a frame where i can fit my ESCs in the frame compared to the usual placement on the arms. I looked at the GT-250 250mm from Banggood but didn’t like that it was made of Fiberglass. Fiberglass is not as hard and lightweight as carbon fiber and if its stored in a humid climate it can start bend over time. But to my luck i found the exact same model made in carbon fiber on Aliexpress, … Read More

Strange deans T-plug that has loose connection


Just got one of my new lipos and the t-plug on it didn’t connect on any of my models. Tried to bend and scratch the plates in the plug but didn’t help. I removed the shrink tube to look at the connections to the cables and they where both fine. 

Replaced the plug and the lipo was working.

Super strange as the construction is pretty simple!

Building the Tarot mini 250 quadcopter (TL250A)


I set out to build the Tarot mini 250 quadcopter and was reading lots about the frame before i ordered it. In this blog post i will go through how i built it and what you should be aware of if you get this frame.

Please feel free to comment on the setup, i am quite new to this so i’m sure i can do things better or have a wrong opinion about things 😉

These are the parts that came with the frame

This is … Read More