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End-user adoption, Why Not!? (Part 2)

From where I am standing, (which by the way is in pre-sales meetings, in workshops, as project manager or in the role of a productivity coach) I often see the same management perception on end-user support.

Before a projects starts I have never ever heard a customer say “-We need coaching through the implementation project and after release we need help with end-user coaching, adoption will be our biggest risk and therefore we need to invest in it!“, have you? Well … Read More

End-user adoption, my mission! (Part 1)

A few years back I was working for a global “med tech” company as product manager of communication and collaboration systems. At that time we migrated away from Notes/Domino that had been the main solution for communication and collaboration. To replace it we choose SharePoint 2007 and the main focus was to replace existing communication channels and the Lotus/Domino Team Rooms with something similar.

SharePoint was a product that very few in the organization ever used before and during the project we realized that the system … Read More

Pass the value from a SharePoint 2013 Target Audiance Picker using jQuery

Let start by explain the scenario and the reason I wanted to do it this way.

I have a customer that uses Audience targeting on the news. As the customer has multiple company’ that share the same intranet they use an Audiences to show aimed news on the start page. Etch Audience is connected to a security group that contains etch company’s employees. This means that in this scenario we have Audiences looking like, Company Name 1, Company Name 2 etc.
This … Read More

Complicated is not always the solution, even if the brain thinks so…

Today I had a customer that wanted a simple way to add a button in the SharePoint content filed.

My first thought was, well why not use jQuery for this… I was testing it out for a while but whatever I did SharePoint automatically cleaned the html/code inside the content filed and I ended up with <button>My Button</button>. Not very useful at all 😉

Then it hit me, why do I even bother using jQuery for this when I can use pure … Read More

How to add an off canvas menu to SharePoint 2013 (On prem and Online)

I realized that i very seldom add a tutorial on how i do something cool like adding a off canvas menu to SharePoint 2013, so this is the time! 😉

I will go through how to add the off canvas in the master page and how to replace the “SharePoint” in Suite Bar.
The result will look like this, you will have to add your touch to the menu style.

To complete this tutorial you need the following:

A Visual Studio Project that switch … Read More

This snippet replace the Suite Bar “Office 365” text in SharePoint Online

(You need jQuery in your master)

How to create a SharePoint Online (sandbox) Visual Web Part

This tutorial is for a sandbox solution (for SharePoint Online). You can find the farm solution tutorial here.

I will use a jQuery clock script, and the web part will get properties for changing the background color and clock color.

I have used the clock script from, but when/if you feel confident then you can do whatever you like with the web part.

This is how the web part will look.


To get started we need Visual Studio 2012/13 and a SharePoint … Read More