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Idag lanseras, Kina Björck och Jessica Wahlgrens nya site!


Under den senaste tiden har jag jobbat med Kina och Jessica för att skapa deras nya satsning, StyleGuide.

För mig är detta projekt lite ovanligt då det har varit mer fokus på design och känsla än funktion och affärsnytta. Fashion & Beauty är temat för siten, jag har insett under projektets gång hur ute jag är när det gäller mode! 😉

Men att få jobba med två lyckopiller vars energi aldrig tar slut har varit både roligt och lärorikt och jag önskar … Read More

How to add a Meta Decsription field in WordPress post and pages

If you didn’t know, am running a Beta of my Blog Theme “standardStrap” here on my blog, and as part of the development i added a Meta Description field to make the site a bit more Search friendly. Meta description has not so much to do with SEO ranking these days, but for the readers to know what your post is about this field is very good.

The meta description field shows in Google search results like in the picture under … Read More

On my way to restructure the blog…

Will have sections, SharePoint, WordPress, governance and recipes. In the same time giving my new WP theme “StandardStrap” a test before I release it.

Mobile & content first together with a clean design.

What do you like the most, dark or light design?

WordPress 404 email allert

I just found this little code snippet on Github “DrewAPicture”. Thought i share it with you all. It’s very good to keep track on how many 404s you get on your site, so that you can fix it. (Don’t recommend using it is you recently moved your site as you then get spamed by e-mail from bots and people that try to access old links on the internet/google 😉

Simple install, Add the following code (as is, no need to change it) to … Read More

Load google web fonts in WordPress

You will probably find this in 1000 places on the internet, but here we go.

Open functions.php with a text editor. (You find it in your theme folder.)
Add the following code…

You can replace the fonts using google web fonts manager, i use Lato and Open Sans in this case…
Save and your done. Now you can use the fonts you choose in your CSS.