How to add Google Plus Authorship to your WordPress blog theme

Do you wonder how people get the nice image of them-self in the Google search results? This is how you do it 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 20.59.14

  1. In your WordPress theme folder create a folder called functions if you don’t have one. In that folder you create a file called “google-plus-authorship.php”.
  2. Paste in the following code and save.
  3. Now open your functions.php and add the following line.

  5. Now go to your Google plus profile and copy the URL from the browser, it should look like this “” or “”
  6. Go back to your blog and edit your user profile in the admin panel. You will find a Google Plus Profile URL in the bottom of your profile, paste the URL there.
  7. Now go back to your Google Plus profile and click on About in the top menu.
  8. Then go down and Edit “Links”, in there you will see Contributor to, add your blog URL there.
  9. Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 22.35.44
  10. That’s it, it can take a few days before your picture show up in your search results, but just hang in there. 😉


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