How to: SharePoint Online Branding & News Center using Visual Studo Part 4 of 4

Let’s get the last steps done! 🙂

Part 1: Add a custom master page to enable branding

Part 2: Create the news page library with all content types that are needed.

Part 3: Create a news flow web part to be used in both the Start Page and the Archive.

Part 4. How to deploy and set this up in SP Online.

Before we get started make sure you have read and done Part 1, 2 and 3 so that  you follow what we will do next.

If all your code is working for you then you just deploy your project. I will go through how to set this up in your development environment and then a short note on how to add a solution in Online.

  1. Open your portal site and go to your News center,edit the page and choose Body Only Page Template. Do the same on your Portal start page.
  2. Go back to news center and click Site Settings – > Page layouts and site templates .
  3. In here you remove all Page Layouts but Online News Article and then you set Online News Article as default In New Page Default Settings. Now you can only create news articles in the news center.
  4. Settings – >Site Contents. Click Settings on your Pages Library.
  5. Under Content Types Click “Add from existing site content types ” and choose Online News.
  6. Under Content Types Open Page and delete the content type and do the same with Welcome Page
  7. Click Settings and Add a Page, Call it “Test News” or similar.  Fill in all the fields and Publish the news. Add a few more news pages…

Now to show the News in your News Archive and on the Start Page you do the following. (The only thing that is different with the start page is that we limit the post count to “3” and in the Archive we show xxx.)

  1. Edit the News Center start page and add a new web part in the content aria. From the category Online News, choose your Online News feed web part.
  2. Open The tool panel and under Query – > Show item from the following list, choose News center – > Pages.
  3. Under Content Type in the tool panel choose Online News.
  4. Go down to presentation and populate the fields as following.
    1. Image: PublishingPageImage;
    2. Titel: Title;
    3. ArticleStartDate: ArticleStartDate;
    4. Description: Ingress;
  5. You can change the Limit Number item to display above if you like, standard is 15.

That’s it, now you can do the same on you Start Page. All you have to do now is to give it all a nice look using some styling.

Please let me know if there is something missing or not working in this series.

Deploy Online

If you want to deploy this online then, in your VS project take Publish and save your .wps on your desktop. Then open your Online site and go to Site Settings, you will find Solutions there and then just upload and Activate. Its not harder then that.

Good Luck!

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