[ShortCode] to standardize content on multiple sites in SharePoint 2010

Today I visited a client that has about 18 public websites on SharePoint. All sites are on the same farm and have similar branding, functionality and content.

To manage the content that is the same on all 18 sites they use short-codes. Okay, short-codes are not new and are widely used to add snippets and other functionality, but I have never seen it to publish content on multiple sites. And it’s interesting to see how easy it is to manage it all when you just have to change once and it affect all 18 sites. But they have one little issue; as editor you can’t see what short code is used on a specific page if you don’t edit the page first. That could easily be improved, but that’s how it is today.

For you who don’t know how short-code can work, let me describe how they use it.
On a separate site (for editors) they have a custom list, each list item include [ShortCodeDescription], a general content field that is used if you want the same text in etch site. But there is also a filed for etch site so that you can override the content on one or more sites if you need to.
The editors can change, delete, add short-codes if they need to.
When the short-code is entered and the content filled in, they can go to the page/pages where they want the short code and add it in the content editor or in a web part. When they take preview or publish the short-code calls the list with all short-codes and displays the content for that specific short-code. Pretty much like any short-code application does in WordPress or similar CMS.

I know that SharePoint 2013 has a new feature to publish content form one site to another, and I can’t say if that feature works on multiple sites at once. (Perhaps someone else can add a comment regarding that?) But I like this way of doing it and it will definitely save loads of time and effort for the editors and webmasters.
Talk about a grate way to get business value out of automation. 😉

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